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Let it become real

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

One of the great challenges while drawing on an iPad is to create livelike images. It's important for me to choose the right brushes, to play with layers and add the finishing touches. Like for many artists it's hard for me to declare a drawing finished, as every time I look at one, there are some changes I want to make, yet another little touch to make it look better.

I always start with different sketches of the main subject I want to draw, getting the proportions right and also the moment I want to catch. With the Falcon I wanted it to take a look over the shoulder, to catch sight of what is behind it - ready for action if needed. The lighting is always very important. Here I decided to highlight the front and especially the eye looking back and so choosing this side to be the bright one. Especially challenging was the colouring I chose for the bird - shades of black and white in harmony with the lighting. I decided to let the Falcon stand by itself and not to disturb the image by a background. It took me around 30 hours of work to create the picture and my iPad - using procreate.

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