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Draw my new digital poparty style

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

This is a fun and exciting new journey for me: I started to experiment with a popart and miami art inspired style with fun and colourful motives in colourful settings.

See how the woman at the beach becomes real in my short clip: I opted for two versions of the drawing, one where I blended the textures and shades into a more lifelike version of the skin and one that gives an edgier impression with clear lines. To create the overall impression of a main character in the foreground I mix and blur the background, only giving an interpretation of the surroundings.

Choose an eye catcher subject

I like for animals having a lot of fun listening to music, enjoying the beach, a cool drink, doing sports - just like we do. I've got a heap of great ideas with this. I will go on setting the main characters in tropical or city surroundings, choosing pastel or strong clashing colours - and of course, different lighting to create fresh looks. I get inspired by my kids doing cool and crazy things. They kind of love it to find themselves in my drawings.

The importance of lighting

Again, the lighting is of great importance. Before I start with my drawing this is one of the main decisions: where does the light come from und how can it help with the texture or the impression you want to give with your drawing.

With the City Dog I made him stand in the sunlight, casting the background in the shade to make him stand out and to let his fur shine with brightness.

Beach Babe is a beautiful woman on the beach, so the whole setting is in bright light, while only the hat casts some shade onto her face, letting us see her eyes.

The Music Lover Gorilla on the other side stand somewhere dark with bright disco neon lights spotlighting his background and part of his face. As a special effect I let him wear a neon light necklace.

The brushes I use

I'm drawing on an apple iPad using procreate and adobefresco. For all three drawings I used pixel brushes. To start I take a sketching pencil in different sizes, for the textures I usually use different canvas brushes and graphite sticks. The best results for blending I get with pastel, graphite and soft chalk mixer brushes.

Hard and finishing lines I draw with a hard round flow brush.

Ask me

Do you enjoy my blog? Would you like other tipps or insights? Let me know!

Thank you for reading 🥰

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